Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Timeline of Fred plus Tests*

12-8 LAB test, Blood: high sensitivity CRP, cholesterol, HDL, high sensitivity TSH

1-16 LAB test, Blood: Giardia antigen, ova and parasites
4-01 LAB test, Blood: CBC with Differential, Vit. D, 25-Hydroxy, LCMSMS
Early-Mid May - Two bouts of fever syndrome, three days after it went away.
Mid-Late May - Shelley and I went to Dr. Wendy and we decided a CT scan was in order
5-20 LAB test, Blood: calcium serum, basic metabolic, repeat CBC with Differential
6- 2: CT Scan
6-8 LAB test, Blood?: cytology, CEA
6-9 Bronchoscopy, Dr LaKander (sp?)
6-12 LAB test, Blood; HIV
7-16 First visit with local pulmonalogist, James DiLisio
7-29 first visit with a surgeon, Dr. Kanaan
7-29 LAB test, Blood, aspergillosis, IGE, Lyme

9-8 Two appointments with pulmonary specialists on the same day, a morning appointment with Alta Bates Hospital pulmonalogist, Dr. Glen Petersen and, in the afternoon, a chest clinic consult at UCSF medical center with Dr. Zutler (supervised by Dr David Claman).

*as I look at my files on 6-11-09, missing some of the chronology

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