Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Exacerbation Rumination

Oh, I love that title. Love the way it rolls off my tongue.

I love the idea of ruminating in words, but can't do it now.
My shoulder hurts from the computer work I've already
done today.

I've been having fevers again. Three in the last 5 days.

Last night I was changing into clean pants to go to square
dance club and sat down on the side of my bed with one pair
of jeans half off, realizing I was too weak to go. Shelley hugged
me and diagnosed the fever. It hovers around 100 degrees,
so no immediate crisis, but another evening spent in my chair
instead of in the dance hall. More asthma, less lung space.


Now, rather than ruminate, chew my cud and fall into the
world of emotional exploration, I'm going to do some dishes,
eat lunch and check on a doctor appointment.

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