Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2nd Opinion. Women's Cancer Resource Center (1)

Dr DiLisio wants to send me to UCSF to the pulmonary department there. That's fine because I wanted a 2nd opinion.

(What was not fine was the way he treated me today. I'll talk to Dr. Wendy about it tomorrow to be sure I don't mess up some medical record keeping, referral process-- but I would be very happy to never have to see or hear from him again.)

I called the Women's Cancer Resource Center in Oakland today.
What a difference!

They will help me. I can call any time and, during business hours, can reach someone to talk to. LaTasha, who answered the phone today, offered to do some basic research on lung cancer and resources in Sonoma County and mail me what she finds. Then, she called me back to tell me about a medical library at Memorial hospital in Santa Rosa.

The Sonoma County library called to say two of the books I ordered on lung disease and lung cancer have arrived.

So-- the low income rural health clinic where Doctor Wendy works, Women's Cancer Resource Center and the local library! Blessings and praise to them! Your tax dollars at work and a feminist networking non-profit which is part of the community I helped build.

I would be so scared and alone without them.
It would be easy to make a major decision and have it go very wrong.

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