Friday, September 11, 2009

Two Cities, Three Pulmonalogists-----------------------------------------------No Capital A Answer (2)

We left Dr. Peterson, ran into a friend in the lobby of Alta Bates; heard that the bay bridge had reopened after an extended weekend when it was closed for upgrades; went out for coffee to celebrate; ran into another friend... and felt great synchronicity and joy.

Then we drove over a still nearly-empty bridge for an consultation at the Chest Clinic at UC Medical Center. We arrived at the front desk at 2 pm and didn't leave the building 5:30. I lost my focus pretty completely as the institutional trance set in. By the time we left, any useful incidental comments and information had passed down the memory hole and have yet to be retrieved. I managed three sentences of notes.

Still--we saw a resident, Dr. Zutler, and then he brought in the faculty guy, Dr. David Clamen. I liked them both, Clamen especially.

They seemed to settle on a theory that Fred is most likely a long-term infection. They talked about hitting it with an antibiotic to see if that would make a difference, then repeating the bronchoscopy. But, when I pressed them on when -- and what-- they might learn from a repeat bronchoscopy, they stepped back into a let's take it one step at a time... get the results and then decide... stance.

Then they talked about another diagnostic test and decided to try that before the antibiotic. If we knew it was a fungus or virus there's no point in antibiotics, right? Right. So they ordered a sputum test where I cough up gunk from my lungs and collect it for three days in a row. Then it goes out to a lab where it takes 2-3 weeks for preliminary analysis and 5-6 weeks for conclusions on the fungal cultures.

I started the sputum test the next day but I'm not coughing deeply enough, not bringing up enough crud, to make it worthwhile. When I went to my appointment with Dr. Iva on Thursday, she suggested taking the mucous thinners that Dr. Peterson prescribed first. If I start coughing up something, then I can do the sputum test. That idea was worth everything I paid Dr. Iva that day, if only because it relieved my anxiety about not being able to do the test as I'd promised.

Before I left UC Med. I got a blood test which, I think, is in preparation for the bronchoscopy. I'm going on an off-hand comment that institutional tranced-out Adrienne didn't try to clarify. Maybe Shelley will remember some other useful details of the afternoon that I can post later. I can't remember if I asked directly about cancer. Surely I did. Surely they brushed the idea aside as unlikely.

They told me to come back in a month and I set it up without making the internal commitment to actually go. I did get the direct phone number of the nurse who, potentially, can reach the doctors with a phone call. And, I know these two docs come to this clinic once a week on Tuesday afternoon. These are very valuable bits of information if I continue as their patient.

Shelley said the day was basically about interviewing a couple of pulmonologists. If we hadn't seen four old friends in planned and unplanned encounters, Wednesday's fatigue might have unhinged me. But I managed a pretty good imitation of a pip pip cheerio, have a good attitude, stiff upper lip, take the next step, get on with it state of mind.

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