Wednesday, July 29, 2009

off to see the lung surgeon

My visit with the lung surgeon today was pretty horrible.
He thinks we should just cut out my right middle lobe
if the mysterious thing hasn't cleared up.

Whether it's inflammation, fungus or cancer,
it's all to the good to take out some of my lung out (in his
opinion). Which I think is ridiculous.

On the not-ridiculous side, lung cancer has a very
low survival rate and this is likely the only way to catch it
when it's too small to see on tests and hasn't spread.

Oh... but ... maybe there's no cancer in there...

Shsssssh. I'm starting to do my own research and
I will set up a 2nd opinion. In the meantime, the
fungal test #1 should be showing up with results.

I'm starting in the middle of this. If you've just joined
me, come back. I'll post more of the back story as the
days go by. The short explanation is that I had something
(a contour? a collapse, a constriction?) show up in June
in a CT scan of my lungs. We're now searching for a
diagnosis. We are deep in the woods, feeling all
poked and prodded and no clear path has emerged.

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